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Domain Names

Acquiring a domain name is an important first step in building an online presence. Below are the 4 top reasons that individuals and businesses should acquire domain names.

  • Improving Your Marketing and Visibility
    The right domain name allows customers an easy way to remember and find you. It's your location on the web. It's also your email address.
  • Allows You to Build Credibility
    Using your domain for your web site and to personalize your email helps establish credibility and professionalism. For instance, an email address such as is more professional than yourname123@your
  • Helps Protect Your Brand
    Domains are valuable online real estate so purchase domain names that will best represent your business name. Secure the right name and keep it out of the hands of your competitors. Acquiring more than one desirable domain name helps protect your brand and increase your reach. You can easily direct as many domains as you want to a single web site
  • Consider Domain Names As an Investment
    Similar to real estate, domain names are investments. Domain values increase daily. You yourself can make your domain name more valuable by building and marketing your web site


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